Our additional products

  • 10 day pass

    Soak up the vibe for 10 days

    NZ$250.00Get it now
  • Day Pass

    Drop in for a day, experience the vibe.

    NZ$30.00Get it now
  • Dedicated Staff Support Day Rate

    Staff member dedicated to supporting your event for 8 hours

    NZ$400.00Get it now
  • Keynote Speech

    Inspirational keynote speech from the space founder or founders of CoLiberate

    NZ$500.00Get it now
  • Flipchart

    Standing flipchart with paper and pens

    NZ$30.00Get it now
  • Lectern

    Lectern for presentations

    NZ$10.00Get it now
  • Microphone

    Microphone - handheld or with stand

    NZ$20.00Get it now
  • Projector

    Data projector

    NZ$100.00Get it now